Let’s Taste

Let's Have a Wine Tasting Party!

We’ll transform your home into a Napa Valley tasting room, bringing the wine lifestyle to you and up to 16 of your wine loving guests. You'll learn about and have the opportunity to buy our exclusive artisan wines through our unique, taste-before-you-buy wine experience. Invite your friends, lay out a few simple appetizers, and enjoy pouring up the fun! We'll be your guides, providing wine education and tips throughout your wine tasting.

Our Hosts Are the Tops!

Our Hosts open their homes with welcoming smiles, making sure their friends and guests have a wonderful time enjoying their wine tasting party. WineShop At Home Hosts are gracious, joyful, and always the tops!

Host Perks

As our way of thanking you for hosting a wonderful wine tasting party, you’re eligible for a lot of amazing perks that celebrate your sophistication and extremely good taste. Sip, sip, hooray!

+ Receive a special, Host-exclusive Thank You Bottle of wine included with your Sampler purchase - compliments of WineShop At Home!

+ Receive your choice of two of the following three items at 50% OFF:

     - The first shipment of your monthly Artisan Collection™ Wine Club (Up to $32 in savings!).

     - A set of Artisan 5 Star Stemware or one Decanter (Up to $49 in savings!).

     - Our monthly Host wine accessory special.

+ Receive an additional item of your choice at 50% OFF (up to three) for each guest who books their own wine tasting at your tasting party! You can choose any of the three items listed above or you can choose any one of our exclusive, artisan wines! Imagine this: If three of your guests book their own wine tasting parties, you could get three of our most expensive wines at 50% OFF!

+ Receive a Host credit of up to 67% OFF your order depending on the total sales volume at your wine tasting. For example, if you and your guests purchase a total of at least $300 of wine, stemware, and accessories, you'll receive $30 off your purchase of $50 or more. There are several tiers for the Host credit, the highest being for sales volumes of $1,000 or more, where you'll receive $100 off your purchase of $150 or more.

Please contact us for a full list of our current Host Perks, since WineShop At Home offers other incentives throughout the year!

How to Request a Wine Tasting

Step 1: Select Your Sampler

Your wine tasting Sampler includes 5 bottles of artisan wine for just $39.95 (plus shipping and tax), as well as your Host “Thank You” bottle. The average retail value of the Sampler is over $160! You can also enhance your Sampler by adding one of our exclusive Custom Packs that contains additional wines – but we'll talk about that later when we reserve your wine tasting party.

When requesting a wine tasting, it's important to consider the types of wines you would like to sample at your tasting. There are five distinct options to choose from, so you can have fun trying each one of them out by hosting multiple wine tastings!

The Original – with the Deluge 2012 Pinot Noir Custom Pack

The Original – with the Deluge 2012 Pinot Noir Custom Pack

For your very first wine tasting, there are three really good options to choose from:

+ The Original (more reds, more dry) – This option is for those who prefer dry (not sweet) wines. You'll get a variety of wines, but most of them will be dry and you'll usually get more reds than whites.

+ The Renegade (more whites, more sweet) – This is the option for those who prefer sweet wines. You'll still get a variety of wines, but most of them will be sweet and you'll usually get more whites than reds.

+ The Individualist (personalized wine) – Since you get to create your own wine label, this option is really only good for special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, or business functions. You'll get a variety of wines, but because of the additional cost to personalize the labels, there are only 4 wines, not 5. In addition, this Sampler costs $10.00 more and does not include the Host "Thank You" bottle.

For your second and subsequent wine tastings, there are two additional options you might consider exploring:

+ The Collector (all reds) – As it says, these are all red wines. They also tend to be dry, intense, and sometimes delicate. This is a good option for Hosts and guests who are experienced red wine drinkers.

+ The Romantic (light and sweet) – The wines in this Sampler are all sweet and delicate. If you and your guests love sweet wines, this would be a good option to explore.

In every case, you should select the Sampler that speaks to you and your tastes – the one you think you and your guests would love to experience. We'll talk more about this when we call to process your reservation!

Step 2: Select Your Tasting Date!

When choosing a date and time for your wine tasting, there are several factors to consider:

+ Our business is located in Helotes, Texas. We're happy to conduct wine tastings anywhere in the San Antonio metroplex, as well as Boerne, Comfort, Pipe Creek, and Bandera. For areas beyond that, please contact us. We're also open to conducting your wine tasting virtually over the Internet.

+ Our portion of the wine tasting party takes 1.5-2 hours. After that, we'll pull the stoppers off all the wines so you and your guests can keep drinking and enjoying your party together.

+ Perhaps most importantly:  We need at least two weeks' notice to conduct your wine tasting. That's because the wine has to be shipped from Napa, California, to your home.

When asked to select a date for your wine tasting, please choose a date at least two weeks out. This will give us the information we'll need when we call you to reserve your wine tasting.

Step 3: Request a Tasting!

Once you’ve decided on your Sampler and Tasting date, it’s time to get ready to have some fun and taste wine with your friends! Just press the button and go! We'll call you and process your reservation. All wine tastings must be reserved with a credit card, but the card will not be charged until your Sampler has shipped, which is about two weeks prior to the wine tasting. Thank you!