Why Join?

Why Join WineShop At Home?

On this page, I count down the top 10 reasons why you should join WineShop At Home as an Independent Wine Consultant. Let's get started!


Our "Wine Nation" community is like no other! Find support from your family of Wine Consultants across the country when you join us.

Meet New Friends

Meet like-minded, fun people such as yourself when you join us as an Independent Wine Consultant!

Extra Income

Looking to make an extra income to help pay bills, pay down student loans or to save for a vacation? Talk to me about joining WineShop At Home!


What makes us different? Exclusive, limited-release wines, handcrafted with passion in the pursuit of perfection!

No Experience Needed

Don't know the difference between a tannin and a Tannat? Don't worry! You don't need to have any wine knowledge to join & start earning!


Have a sense of wanderlust? Earn a great income AND the opportunity to go on all-expenses-paid trips all over the world!


Work from 9 to WINE, on-the-go, any day(s) of the week you choose. Being your own boss has its perks!


WineShop At Home believes in keeping it SIMPLE. No inventory or samples to manage, carry, keep or deliver...ever!


Us Wine Consultants love to have FUN, and I know you do too! From our National Convention, team meetings, webinars and training events across the country – we love to get together to learn & have a ball!


Why WineShop At Home? Wine, of course! Our wines are deliciously different, wonderfully one-of-a-kind and exclusive to us. Tasting & learning about wine with friends, what’s not to love? Come for the Taste and Stay for the Lifestyle with us!

Don't Overthink This!

When my best friend asked me to join WineShop At Home, I told him I would think about it. Then I spent two whole weeks "thinking" about it! PLEASE DON'T BE LIKE ME! This isn't rocket science! It's wine! If you like wine and you like earning money, this is the perfect opportunity for you! You simply can't go wrong.

It only costs $39.95 to get started. Then you book a couple of wine tastings with your friends and family. If your first wine tasting is typical, you'll earn about $100. Hello! You're already "in the black"! From that point on, it's pure profit.

Beyond that, everything else will take care of itself. This is your business, so you make all the decisions regarding how many wine tastings you'll do and how often. But don't think you're alone in this endeavor - I'll personally train you to become a successful Wine Consultant.

So what are you waiting for? Every hour you waste "thinking" about joining WineShop At Home is $50 you won't earn. Stop overthinking this and join my team today!