Texas Wine Bundles

Texas Wine Bundles

Arby’s likes to brag, “We have the meats™.” Well, the same can be said of most Texans! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Texas leads the nation in both beef production and consumption. We Texans love our meats! In fact, some of our favorite summertime activities include hours of carefully smoking brisket and pork in the smoker or grilling steaks over the hot coals. Unfortunately, beer doesn’t pair well with most of our popular meats; it's just too bitter. But wine does! So, if you have the meats, we have the wines! Here are my top choices for wines to pair with our most popular Texas meats.

The Texas BBQ Bundle

Texas brisket is rich, heavy, and densely meaty. Because it's smoked, you don’t want to pair it up with a wine that's smoky or loaded with oak-barrel toastiness. A lot of tannins aren't needed in the wine either, because the meat is so tender it falls off the bone – when you smoke it just right.

Therefore, when it comes to Texas BBQ – whether it’s brisket or pork – the best wines to pair with it are reds that are light and richly fruity. It then becomes a David versus Goliath battle in the mouth – the quick and nimble underdog up against the seasoned heavyweight. Some great choices for Texas BBQ include Syrah, Pinot Noir, Carignan, and Tempranillo.

My top three choices from our current inventory to pair with Texas BBQ brisket or pork are:

  • Sun Fish 2018 Pinot Noir – Classic and elegant with cherry, cranberry, raspberry, vanilla, and toasted oak ($28.00).
  • Dusk 2019 Evening Star – A dry, attractive, and smooth red with raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry flavors ($24.50).
  • Table Red Wine – A luscious sipper with red fruit flavors and a round, medium body ($16.00).

You can purchase any of these wines separately and in any combination you like, with discounted shipping for 6 or more wines. If you’d like to try my select Texas BBQ Bundle, it retails for just $68.50. Make all your winter BBQ meals stand out with my Texas BBQ Bundle!

The Texas Grill Bundle

Grilled steak, on the other hand, is different than BBQ. It’s charred and often salted. You have to cut into it in order to experience the real juicy flavors. Because of that, you’ll want lots of tannins in your wine. So, break out the big, bold reds – the ones that have been fermented in barrels made of new oak. The smoky-sweet flavors imparted by the new oak will pair well with the char on the outside of your grilled steak.

With that in mind, when it comes to grilled steak, think Cabernet blends, Bordeaux blends, Malbec, or even Zinfandel (but only if you’re rubbing the steak with spices or a sauce).

We have wines at all price points that would be perfect for pairing with grilled steak. I can recommend some of our higher quality, more expensive wines if you have a special meal of grilled steak coming up. However, most of my Texas customers enjoy eating a lot of steak and they don’t want to bust their budgets in the process. So, here are my top three superior quality, but relatively inexpensive choices for pairing with grilled steak:

You can purchase any of these wines separately and in any combination you like, with discounted shipping on 6 or more wines. If you’d like to try my select Texas Grill Bundle, it retails for just $83.00. Make all your steak dinners stand out with my Texas Grill Bundle!


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